Bundle a Ticket and a Store Item

Modified on 13 February

The Ticket Bundles feature allows you to automatically include store items with tickets. For example, VIP Tickets include 2 drinks and Kid Tickets come with a free Corn Maze pass. When attendees purchase tickets, they’ll have the option to buy additional drinks and Corn Maze passes. At the event, your team will be able to incrementally check in these items with the mobile Ticket App so that you can track which items have been redeemed. This is a powerful way for farm events, beer fests, golf tournaments, and more to automatically include additional items with certain (or all) tickets.

How to Set Up Bundles

First you will need to set up store items. In the example below, there are two items that are available when purchasing tickets: drinks and corn maze passes. Note that only items without variants (i.e. no size, color, etc.) can be used in bundles. You should include prices for all store items; while the bundles will automatically set the price to 0 when included with tickets, people will pay the price set here when adding additional items to their cart.

Once you have created store items, navigate to Store >> Bundle Store Items. Click the button to create a bundle.

The first step of creating a bundle is to select the tickets that you want to include. In our example, VIP Tickets get 2 drinks included. You can either manually select the tickets you want to include, or use the search bar to automatically filter on a certain type of ticket and click Add All.

Next, you will select the store items to include with the VIP tickets. In this case, we want to bundle 2 drinks with each VIP ticket. You can choose multiple items to add to the bundle.

Finally, you will review the bundle and create a label for it so that it’s easily identifiable; for example “VIP – 2 Drinks”. Review the tickets that have a bundle included, then click Save.

Saving will take you back to the Bundles page, where you can add another bundle, like the free Corn Maze for Kid tickets.

Considerations for Ticket Bundles

Since bundles reduce the price of included items to $0, you may want to consider updating the pricing of your tickets. For example, you may have it so that the VIP Ticket (bundled) costs $30 compared to the General Admission ticket at $20. This gives you the flexibility to price your tickets at the appropriate amounts when they include additional items.

When attendees purchase their tickets, they will see the items already included with their tickets along with the option to purchase additional items.

If you do not want to offer a bundled item for additional purchase, you can hide it from the store step. To set up bundles that do not show as additional purchase options, navigate to Store >> Setup. On the item, you can set the price to $0. After you create the bundle, check the box for "Limit item to store item ticket bundles when registering." This checkbox will only show if an item is already part of a bundle.

With this checked, the bundle information won't show on the store step, but the purchaser will see it reflected in their cart on the final step of ticket purchase.

The checkout page itemizes the tickets, items, and sales tax. In the below example for a purchase of one VIP Ticket, one Kid Ticket, and one additional drink, the bundled items show with their normal store price. The cost is removed with the line items “Included with ticket: Drink” and “Included with ticket: Corn Maze.” The additional drink they purchased shows as its own line item on the cart.

Keep in mind that sales tax won't be charged on any bundled items, since their net price is always $0. However, if any additional items of the same type are considered taxable, there will be sales tax on those. Learn more about sales tax here.  

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