Editing Ticket Event Basic Info

Modified on 26 February

Once you have completed the ticket wizard once, you cannot re-enter the wizard to make changes. Instead, all changes can be made via the ticket dashboard. 

To edit the basic info that you entered on Step 1 of the wizard, go to the event dashboard and navigate to Event >> Basic Info

You can enter or edit the event title, type, or description: 

And you can edit the contact info, links, and location (if applicable):

Custom Footer

You can also add a Custom Website Footer which will show at the bottom of each page on your event website:

By default, the footer will only display your event logo on the left-hand side. When you add content in this Custom Website Footer box, it will display in the footer in addition to the logo. (You can add links or your own source code to this box for further customizations. Use the buttons in the tool bar.):

Additional Event Information 

At the bottom of the Basic Info page, you can add additional information about your event. You can select if your organization is a nonprofit, enter your event history information, and view your Event URL Identifier.

In the Event History section, select if this year is the first year of your. If you select "No", there will be a text box for your to input your previous year's URL (optional). In addition, input the estimated number of attendees and donations. Note: Estimated Total Donation box will only show if you have enabled donations for your event.

The Event URL Identifier will show at the end of your event website URL that will uniquely identify your event on our platform. This can not be changed once you have completed Step 1 in the wizard. 

When you are finished editing the Basic Info, click Save

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