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Tickets App Store Fulfillment

Enable Store Fulfillment

You can now enable store fulfillment, and check in store items for any given ticket purchase through the Tickets App.

To enable store fulfillment, go to the configuration settings in the Tickets App by clicking the More tab, and then clicking Event Settings

Click into the desired current configuration or add a new configuration by clicking the button under Configurations.

Under the Store Settings, check the Enable Store Fulfillment box, and select which items and variants of each item you would like to show:

At the top of these settings, you can select if you would like to Show Store Purchases on the individual tickets, on the ticket purchases or on both, or you can select to not show the store purchases. 

  • Show Only on Tickets: This setting will only display the store items when you click into the individual tickets. You can still fulfill the store items from the ticket purchase, but the store item will not display on the ticket purchase. 

  • Show Only on Purchases: This setting will show the store items when you click into the ticket purchase. However, when you click into the individual tickets, the store items will not display.

  • Show Both: This setting will show the store items on both the ticket purchases and individual tickets. 
  • Do Not Show: This setting will still allow you to fulfill the store items, but the store item will not show until you are on the Store Fulfillment page.

Note: If you check the box next to Store Settings, then Enable Store Fulfillment box will automatically be check along with all of the store items and their variants.

You can also set the configuration to go directly to the Store Fulfillment page when the ticket purchase is clicked. This could be beneficial if you have separate volunteers for Ticket CheckIn and Store Fulfillment.

To add this setting, go the Navigation Settings within the configuration. Under the Lookup Result, select Go to Fulfillment Screen.

With this set, once a ticket purchase is selected, you will be directed to the Store Fulfillment screen for that purchase.

Note: Clicking directly into the individual ticket from the Check In screen will still bring you to the that ticket rather than the Store

Fulfill Store Items

Once you have setup Store Fulfillment in your configuration settings, you can begin fulfilling store items. Follow the steps below to fulfill ticket holders' store items.

Navigate to the Store Fulfillment Screen 

If you have set the Lookup Result to Go to the Fulfillment Screen, click into the Ticket Purchase and you will be directed to the Store Fulfillment Screen.

 If you have set the Lookup Result to Go to Purchase Screen, you will need to click the Store Fulfillment button from the purchase screen:

Fulfilling Items

Once you are on the Store Fulfillment Screen for a ticket purchase, you will see all of the store items for that ticket purchase. 

Note: In order to see these items in the fulfillment screen, they must have been selected under under the Enable Store Fulfillment settings. 

If there is only one of a specific store item and variant, you will only see a Fulfill All button:

If there are multiple store items, you will be able to click Fulfill All or use the purple and - buttons to select the amount to fulfill. Once you have selected the total amount of that store item in the purchase, only a Fulfill All button will appear (shown in the example below).

Example: A purchaser has purchased 3 hats. When you navigate the fulfillment screen, 1 item will automatically be placed in the number of items to fulfill. If you would like to fulfill only one item, click the Fulfill 1 button.

Click the button to add the number of a store items to fulfill, and click the "Fulfill #" (# being the amount you have selected using the +/- buttons). In the example, 2 items have been selected to be fulfilled:

Note: Once you have made a change to the number of items to fulfill but have not taken the action to fulfill the items, there will be an Unsaved Edits highlight across the top of the page to let you know you still need to click the Fulfill button to complete the fulfillment.

Once all three of the items have been selected, the only option left will be to Fulfill All items:

After fulfilling any number of items, you will see a green checkbox appear in the top-right corner of that item to show that that specific fulfillment has been completed. For example, I had chosen to fulfill 2 of the 3 hats. The green check mark notifies me that those two items have been fulfilled, but there is still an option to fulfill the last item:

Unfulfilling Items

Once all of the items of the same variant have been fulfilled, you will see the option to un-fulfill them. This can be useful if the Tickets App user accidentally fulfilled the items incorrectly. 

The process for un-fulfillment works similarly to the fulfillment process. You can select Un-Fulfill All at any point to un-fulfill all of the items for that variant. You can use the + and buttons to select the number of items to un-fulfill. 

The amount of items selected is represented by a negative number (to signify un-fulfillment, rather than fulfillment). Note: When you click the - button, you are selecting MORE items the UN-FULFILL. 

In the example below, I have selected to un-fulfill one of these hats:

Clicking Un-Fulfill 1 would un-fulfill one out of three items. Clicking Un-Fulfill All would un-fulfill all three items.

I can continue to click the - button to un-fulfill any number of items, until I have selected all of the items (in this case, three items). Once I have selected to un-fulfill all three of these hats, there will only be an option to Un-Fulfill All

Event Dashboard Shipping/Fulfillment

You can also Edit the Fulfillment/Shipping Info for the store orders from the event dashboard. To do so, navigate to the Store Orders report (under Store >> Store Orders), find the store order you would like to edit, and click the order by clicking the blue order number link (in the Order No. column).

At the bottom of the Store Order details page, you will see a table where you can make edits to the store order. Check the boxes on the lefthand side of the items to select them. You can select one or multiple items at one time, or select all of the items in the order by checking the checkbox in the header.

Then, click Edit Fulfillment/Shipping Info.

At the top of the page, you can input the Quantity To Ship/Fulfill for each item you have selected in the previous step.

Note: For store orders that have more than one of the same item, you can choose to fulfill one or multiple of these items at one time. 

In addition, you can choose to add an Expected Delivery Date, Tracking Number, and Shipping Name/Address.

Note: By default, the shipping information (ie. name and address) will autofill with the purchaser address if the purchaser is logged in when purchasing the store item. When purchasing an add-on store item in the ticket purchase path, if the purchaser is not logged in, the shipping information will only autofill if the purchaser inputs their address (which can be set up under Tickets >> Information Collection). When purchasing a standalone store item, if the purchaser is not logged in, the shipping address will autofill if the Standalone Store Settings collect the purchasers address (which can be setup under Store >> Setup  by clicking the gray Manage Standalone Store Settings button). If this information is not input, the shipping address for the standalone store item will autofill from the credit card holder's address, which is always required for standalone store purchases. 

If you do not want to include the shipping address, you can uncheck the Yes, I want to enter the shipping address checkbox. 

Once you have finished setting up the shipping/fulfillment settings, click Mark as Shipped, and you will see the timestamp for shipping/fulfillment on the store order details page. 

Fulfillment Reports

You can view the fulfillment reports under Store >> Store Item Purchase Summary

Click the Fulfillment/Shipping Summary tab, and then click Load Daily Shipping Summary to see a report of the store items that have been fulfilled/shipped.

This report is broken up daily, and it shows the total quantity as well as the quantity of the variants of each store items that has been fulfilled/shipped.

Each day that one or more store items are fulfilled, a line will be added to this report with the totals of each item fulfilled that day.

You can also see a report of the overall fulfillment/shipping from the Item Summary table in the Fulfilled/Shipped column:

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