How to Check In Attendees

Modified on 26 October

Once you have downloaded and enabled the Tickets App for your event, you are able to start checking in attendees. 

In the CheckIn App, there are two groupings of your event’s tickets: Purchases, which are the Ticket Purchases, and Tickets, which are the Individual Tickets:

If you have enabled Individual Ticket Information collection to collect per-ticket information (for example, names and emails of ticket holders for every ticket), then each ticket with that ticket holders' information will show with their ticket IDs under Tickets. If not, the individual tickets will show the ticket purchaser information with the individual ticket IDs. Note: The example at the bottom of this page will display checking in attendees for an event that is collecting per-ticket information.

To select tickets and check attendees in for your event, you can click on the ticket or ticket purchase directly from the list of Purchases/Tickets, use the Search Bar at the top of the page, or scan the QR code from the ticket purchaser's confirmation email. 

Selecting the Purchase/Ticket

Selecting a ticket purchase from the Purchases grouping will allow you to check in all or some of the ticket holders in that transaction:

You can click the Check In All button to check in all of the ticket holders' in that purchase.

You can also select the individual tickets within that purchase and click the Check In button to check in one ticket holder at a time:

If you are collecting per-ticket information, you can select specific tickets from the Tickets grouping and check them in individually.

Using the Search Bar

You can use the Search Bar to pull up a ticket purchase or individual ticket by purchaser name or ticket purchase ID (this can be found in the attendee’s confirmation email, as well as under Reports >> Ticket Purchases and Reports >> Individual Tickets):

If you are collecting per-ticket information, you can use the Search Bar to search for a Purchase and/or a Ticket.  If you are only collecting ticket purchaser information, you will only be able to search for the ticket purchases.

Using the QR Code

The fastest and simplest way to check in your attendees is to scan QR Codes. Each confirmation email contains a unique ticket purchase QR Code:

Select the camera icon in the upper-right corner to scan QR Codes:

This will automatically pull up the details of a Ticket Purchase or Individual Ticket when you scan a QR Code.

In the example below, the ticket event is collecting the personal information of the ticket purchaser and the ticket holders, so individual tickets all show under the name assigned to them when the purchaser bought their tickets.

Once you have selected the Ticket Purchase, you can click the green Check In All button to automatically check in all tickets in the purchase:

You can also check in individual tickets by tapping on them one at a time and clicking the green Check In button:

You’ll be able to pull up the same ticket purchase (by QR code or name/ID search) to check in the remaining tickets at a later time. 

UnCheck-In Attendees

If you have checked in an attendee in by mistake, there is an option in the CheckIn App to un-check them in. To do so, simply click back into the individual ticket and click the red Un-Check In button:

To learn how to view your CheckIn Stats, you can view our help guide here.

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