Ticket Dashboard CheckIn Stats

Modified on 21 November

You can view Ticket CheckIn Stats from your Event Dashboard to quickly and easily understand how many tickets have been check in by ticket, ticket group, and across all tickets being sold at the event. 

Note: If you need to know how to check in attendees, you can view our How to Check In Attendees help guide here

To see these CheckIn Stats, navigate to Event >> CheckIn, and click CheckIn Stats:

You will be directed to the CheckIn Report that shows the overall checkin progress, download options, and individual ticket/ticket group progress.

Overall Progress

This section tells you how many tickets have been checked in out of the the total number of tickets purchased, and displays a progress bar to represent the overall progress:


From here, you can download CSVs of Checked In Tickets and Not Checked In Tickets. These downloads list the individual tickets that have been check in/not checked in and include helpful ticket purchase information, such as the ticket purchase ID, ticket group name, ticket name, amount paid, etc.

Interval Report

The Interval Report displays the number of tickets checked in per day. This is very helpful for multi-day events that use a single general admission ticket across multiple days.

Click the orange Interval Report button to view the bar chart:

You can narrow in on a certain period of time by filtering the report on a specific date/time interval and clicking Update Report

At the bottom of the page, there is a table that summarizes the chart by check-in date. This table includes the times that the first and last tickets were checked in and the number of tickets checked in for each date: 


You can view the CheckIn Stats broken down by Ticket Level (with simple tickets) and/or Group (when Advanced Tickets are enabled) at the bottom of the page. This shows each ticket group, and displays the number of tickets checked in out of the number of tickets purchased, a list of the tickets, and the percentage of tickets checked in with a progress meter for each ticket group.

You can click into the ticket group to view more detailed information of the CheckIn Stats within that group. The Overall Progress section tells you how many tickets have been checked in out of the the total number of tickets purchased in that group and displays a progress bar. The Tickets section show a breakdown of the CheckIn Stats at each ticket level. It displays the number of tickets checked in out of the total tickets purchased for that specific ticket level and the percentage of checked in tickets with a progress meter for each ticket within that group.

Note: If you are not using Advanced Tickets, this section of the CheckIn Stats will only have this information for the individual ticket levels (since there will be no ticket groups), and you will not be able to click into the individual ticket levels for more detailed information. 

Checked In Individual Tickets

You can view which ticket holders have been checked in from the Checked In column in the Individual Tickets Report under Reports >> Individual Tickets. To show the Checked In column, click the Edit Columns button:

Then, select the Checked In column to show and click Apply Changes:

The Checked In column will display a red X if the ticket is not checked in or a green check mark if the ticket has been checked in:

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