Ticket Purchase Display Settings

Modified on 31 January

Homepage Display

You can configure the way your ticket groups and levels appear on the homepage and in the purchase path from your Event Dashboard by going to Event>>Purchase Settings>>Settings. You have several options on this page: 

Registration Settings

Hide Sold Out Ticket Groups on Homepage

You can hide sold-out ticket groups or tickets to prevent them from being visible on the homepage. 

A major benefit of this feature is that it gives you the ability to “clean up” your event website as tickets sell out, so that visitors to your event website are able to clearly see what their ticket options are.

Note: If Advanced Tickets are enabled and the ticket caps are at the ticket level (not the ticket group level), the ticket groups with sold out tickets will still show on the homepage, but they will not show on the purchase page. When using simple tickets with this checkbox, sold out tickets will not show on the homepage.

Hide Past Ticket Groups

You can hide past ticket groups to prevent them from being visible on the homepage. 

With simple tickets, this option will hide the past tickets only from the purchase page if their purchase period has closed. To adjust the purchase period, when using simple tickets, navigate to Tickets>>Setup

When Advanced Tickets are Enabled, this checkbox will hide past ticket group from the homepage (and the purchase page) when the End Time for that ticket group has past. To change the end date for a ticket group, go to Tickets>>Ticket Groupsclick the Actions drop-down on the right-hand side of the ticket group, and click Edit Ticket Group:

Turn on the Enable start and end dates for this ticket group toggle, and adjust the Start Time and End Time:

If the End Time has not passed, but the purchase end date for the group (under Tickets>>Pricing) has passed, the ticket group will show on the homepage (as closed), but will be hidden from the purchase page.

Note: If the event date is in the past, but the purchase dates/ticket group dates are not in the past, this checkbox will not prevent the tickets from being purchased.

Hide Sold Out Ticket Levels on Purchase Screen 

You can hide sold out ticket levels in the purchase path. With simple tickets, this option displays the sold out tickets on the homepage, but hides them from the purchase page. 

When Advanced Tickets are enabled, this option works for caps set at the ticket level. If the cap is set at the group level, the ticket group will still show on the purchase page, but the tickets within that group will not show:

Require Ticket Group Selection at the Start of Registration

You can require your ticket groups to be selected as the first step in registration. In order to register, your registrants choose their ticket group first, and are then sent to a separate page where they select the ticket level and the number of tickets.

With this option, when the Sign Up button in the top-right corner of the homepage is clicked, the first page of the purchase path will require you to select a group before listing out the ticket levels within that group:

Once you choose the ticket group, the next page will list out the tickets within that group:

If you have a large number of ticket groups, this options helps prevent clutter in the ticket purchase path.

Remaining Ticket Information Display

Wrap in Tooltip When Advanced Ticket Caps are Set Up

You can hide the number of tickets left and show the details in a tooltip. This is useful when you are using advanced ticket caps across different ticket types and groups. This will display as follows:

Always Show Simple Information Without Tooltip

You can show the number of tickets left per ticket level. This is best when you have simple caps setup per ticket. This will display as follows:

Hide Ticket Count Until X Number of Tickets are Left

Also on this page is a field where you can enter a number that will display beside a ticket level with a cap when that number of tickets remain available. For example, you could enter 10 and when you have sold all but 10 tickets in one of your ticket levels, that ticket level will start "counting down" until it's sold out. Note: This will display in the same way as the image above ("Only X tickets left!").

The default setting for this is that all ticket levels will display the number of remaining tickets if you have set a cap. Note: For more information on ticket caps, you can view our Ticket Caps Help Guide.

Event Display

You can choose to have your events display in Grid Format or List Format. Grid is the default: 

List looks like this:

Homepage Registration

If you have only a couple of ticket groups, you may want to allow registration directly from your front page, which means that registrants can select their ticket levels and their desired number of tickets right away using quick-buy buttons. This is enabled automatically, but you can turn it on and off by clicking the Allow registration directly from homepage or the Do NOT allow registration directly from homepage buttons. Registration on the front page looks like this:

After selecting their desired number of tickets, the registrants click Sign Up and go to the next page (the checkout screen, or the donation page if you have enabled donations). 

Checkout Settings

You can enable or disable the option for purchasers to clear their purchase within a 15 minute window when they remain on the purchase confirmation page. This is under Event--->Purchase Settings--->Settings. Check or uncheck the Allow participants to clear registrations or store purchases within 15 minutes to allow or not allow them to do so:

Note: If your ticket event was created BEFORE November 2, 2022, the clear option is ON by default. If your ticket event was created AFTER November 2, 2022 the clear option is OFF by default. 

If you check the box to allow participants to clear their purchase within 15 minutes, they will see a red Clear button in the Purchase Summary on the right-hand side of their purchase confirmation page for 15 minutes after their purchase was made: 

Once you have set your desired purchase settings, click the blue Save button at the bottom of this page.

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