Copy Ticket Groups

Modified on 13 February

When using advanced tickets, you can copy ticket groups to easily duplicate multiple ticket options within a ticket group. This is beneficial for multi-day events that offer the same ticket options over multiple days. 

To copy a ticket group, first navigate to Tickets >> Ticket Groups. Click the gray Actions dropdown on the right-hand side of the ticket group you would like to copy, and select Copy Ticket Group.

The ticket group name, start and end dates, purchase periods, and pricing will be copied over and autofilled into the new ticket group. You will be able to edit all of this information before saving the new ticket group: 

Note: You will not be able to change the ticket names or delete tickets on this step. To do so, you will need to save the new ticket group, and then make changes to the individual tickets under Tickets >> Setup.  

Using the example above, you could change the Group Name to "Golf Tickets: Monday, May 22nd" and adjust the Start/End Time and Purchase Dates accordingly.

In addition, the settings below will be copied over from the original ticket group to the newly-copied ticket group: 

  • Ticket group descriptions
  • Ticket group display options
  • Ticket group information collection settings
  • Ticket group tax donation info
  • Ticket group generic entity included questions
  • Ticket group included store items (that were available to the original ticket group)
  • Ticket level caps, multi ticket caps and ticket group caps
  • Ticket level descriptions
  • Ticket level age restrictions
  • Ticket level transactions limits
  • Ticket level included generic entity questions
  • Ticket level included store items (that were available to the original ticket level)

Note: You will be able to edit any of these settings from your event dashboard after the copy is complete.

Once you have finished editing this information, click Save, and the ticket group will be automatically created.

After the ticket group has been created, you can edit/delete the individual tickets within that group under Tickets >> Setup and/or edit the ticket group display options and additional settings. For more information on editing a ticket group once the group has been created, view our Create or Edit Tickets and Ticket Groups help guide here.

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