Ticket Transfer Report

Modified on 03 March

The Ticket Transfer Report enables you to see all of the ticket transfers for your event. Enabling self-serve ticket transfers helps mitigate your event’s customer service burden and chargeback risk by allowing customers to choose a new date and time slot to attend your event. The Ticket Transfer Report consolidates all of the ticket transfer data for original and new ticket purchases in a single report.

The report gives you the data on your event’s self-serve and director-initiated transfers. To access the report, navigate to Reports >> Ticket Transfer Report. 

At the top of the report you can use the search fields to pull up a transfer based on name, email, Purchase ID, or date range of when the transfer occurred.

There is a count of the total number of transfers completed along with the total number of tickets transferred.

Ticket Transfer Report Columns

New Purchase ID: The new ticket purchase ID with a quick link to manage the new purchase

Original Purchase ID: The original ticket purchase ID with a quick link to view the old purchase

Purchaser Name and Email: Details of the purchaser and the person who initiated the transfer. Note that since we do not require accounts and logins, the purchaser manages their tickets via a secure email link.

Original Purchase Date: When the original purchase was made.

Transfer Date: When the tickets were transferred.

Price Difference: There are three ways the price difference may display:

If the amount is positive, this means that the new tickets cost less than the original tickets. There is no automatic refund when tickets are transferred into a lower cost option, so your event keeps the difference.

If the amount is zero, there is no price difference between the original and the new.

If the amount is negative, the new tickets cost more than the original tickets. The difference is charged, and you will see amounts in the processing fee and Total Transfer Paid columns.

Transfer Fee: If your event charges a fee for self-serve transfers, that will show in the Transfer Fee column.

Transfer Credit: This shows the amount of credit that the ticket purchaser has from the original ticket purchase. Note that if an event director made a transfer on the backend, no credit will be applied for future transfers.

Processing Fee: If there was a price difference on the transfer or a transfer fee, then a transaction occurred. The processing fee column includes the amount of TicketSignup's processing fee on that transaction.

Total Transfer Paid: The total transfer paid is the sum of the price difference column, the transfer fee column, and the processing fee column.

Old Tickets and New Tickets: This shows a summary of the original tickets included in the purchase and the new tickets after the transfer.

There are easy export and print options at the bottom of the Ticket Transfer Report so that you can view the data in a spreadsheet.

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