Transfer a Ticket

Modified on 26 February

Ticket Transfers

You can perform ticket transfers between ticket groups or levels. The nature of the ticket event transfers is simply to change the ticket type that someone has attached to their name and not the name attached to the ticket.

Performing a Transfer

You can do a ticket transfer through your Individual Tickets Report (under Reports>>Individual Tickets) or your Ticket Purchases Report (under Reports>>Ticket Purchases). 

To transfer a ticket, go to the transaction on either the Individual Tickets Report or the Ticket Purchases Report, and click Manage and then Start Ticket Transfer.

Note: If you are managing a ticket purchase with multiple tickets in that transaction, you will see a list of all the tickets within that purchase. 

Select the ticket(s) you want to transfer and the group(s) and/or ticket level(s) you are transferring to, and click Transfer Tickets:

With simple tickets, there will only be one drop-down  to select from in the New Ticket column. When Advanced Tickets are enabled, there will be options for the ticket group (ex. Golf) and the ticket level (ex. the time) to select from. If there are caps set on the tickets, they will show in the drop-down (ex. "18 left").  

Enabling Self-Serve Ticket Transfers

You can also allow attendees to handle their own ticket transfers. To enable self-service transfers, go to Tickets >> Ticket Management >> Ticket Transfers

Turn on the Enable Ticket Transfers toggle. From here, you can input a cutoff time, after which attendees will no longer able to transfer their ticket, and a ticket transfer fee that will be charged to attendees when they transfer their tickets.

Choose from the list of Ticket Transfer Capacity Options. You can choose to not allow or to allow attendees to transfer into a ticket level/group if the ticket caps have been met or allow that transfer to exceed the cap if the cap was not already met before the transfer.

In addition, you can choose to check the Ticket Transfer Pricing Options box to allow attendees to transfer their tickets without paying the difference if they transfer into a more expensive ticket group.

You can also set the Transfer Settings for the individual Tickets or the Ticket Groups (with Advanced Tickets). To do so, check Override box next to the Cutoff Time and/or the Ticket Transfer Fee, and adjust the settings you would like to set specific to that ticket/ticket group.

Note: In order to set the Transfer Settings for specific Tickets/Ticket Groups, you must set an overall Cutoff Time and Ticket Transfer Fee at the top of the page. Then, by checking the Override box, these Ticket/Ticket Group transfer settings will override the overall settings.

Setting Transfer Settings at the ticket/ticket group level could be useful if you have multi-day events. For example, if each Ticket Group is a different day, you could choose to only allow ticket transfers up to 48 hours prior to that day.

Once these settings have been setup, be sure to click the blue Save Settings button at the bottom of the page. Now, your attendees are able to transfer their tickets themselves!

To help your attendees transfer their own tickets, our Self-Serve Transfer Tickets help guide for attendees can be found here.


The ticket purchases report will show all the transactions that have been made, including transfers, above the transaction list. 

The two “unpaid” transactions here are the result of transfers.

The transaction list will show transferred tickets in the report as being purchased at the time of the transfer, and the Payment Info column will show $0 paid:

Note: When ticket transfers are completed by the director, the attendee will not incur any additional fees or receive any refunds regardless of the difference in ticket price. 

In the Ticket Purchase Details page, you can see the original ticket (in the Ticket ID column) and the new ticket ID (in the Ticket Status column). In addition, you will see the payment info from the original purchase (since no payment was made with the transfer):

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