Cancel a Ticket

Modified on 29 February

Tickets can be cancelled with or without refunds. In the Event Dashboard, go to Reports>>Individual Tickets or Reports>>Ticket PurchasesSearch for the individual ticket or ticket purchase purchase you need to cancel. In the ID column, click the blue Manage button and then Refund/Cancel Tickets.

If you would like to cancel the ticket without issuing a refund, enter $0 or click None in the Refund column. Then, select Cancel Ticket:

Note: If you are managing a ticket purchase with multiple tickets in that transaction, you will see a list of all the tickets within that purchase when you click Refund/Cancel Ticket from the Ticket Purchase Details page. In this case, you will need to select Cancel Ticket and input the refund amount, or select Don't Cancel, for each individual ticket within that purchase before clicking Issue Refund

Once you are finished inputting the refund amount, selecting Cancel Ticket (or Don't Cancel for the tickets you would not like to cancel within that purchase), and adding any additional Refund Notes you would like, click Issue Refund

Note: Even if you are not refunding the ticket (ie. have put $0 or clicked None for the refund amount), you still need to click "Issue Refund" to cancel the ticket.

For more information about refunding tickets, view our Refund a Ticket help guide here

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