Custom Ticket Numbers

Modified on 26 July

You can assign custom ticket numbers to each ticket purchased for your event. Ticket numbers are numbers assigned to tickets so you can use them as identifiers. This is great for events that need to assign each attendee an easy-to-remember number. For example, a gala with an auction may use ticket numbers to correspond to the auction paddle or similar item to make it easy for the auction organizers to track the winners of each item. 

For more information on what ticket numbers are why ticket events use them, you can view our blog post here

Set Up Custom Ticket Numbers

To set up Custom Ticket Numbers, navigate to Tickets >> Ticket Numbers

Ticket Number Assignment Type

By default, the Assignment Type will be None, and tickets numbers will not be assigned to ticket holders. 

Select Assign Numbers Sequentially During Registration to enable ticket number assignment:

When this is option is selected, there will be a dropdown to input a Starting Ticket Number, which is 1 by default. You can enter any Starting Ticket Number in the field. For example, if you want all of your attendees to have 3-digit numbers, you could enter 100 in the field

In this example, the first ticket purchased will be assigned #100, the second ticket will be assigned #101, etc.

Note: There will also be an Enforce Unique Numbers checkbox - which will automatically be checked and cannot be unchecked - to ensure that each ticket receives a unique ticket number.

Hide Ticket ID

By default, the Ticket ID will display in the confirmation email. This may be confusing if you are assigning a Ticket Number, since each ticket will display two different numbers:

You can check the Hide ticket ID in confirmation emails to ticket purchasers box to hide this number:

When this setting is on, only the Ticket Number will show in the email: 

Email Ticket Numbers

Ticket Purchase Confirmation Email

The ticket numbers will display in the Ticket Group Summary in the confirmation email sent to the ticket purchaser immediately following their purchase:

Ticket Number Replacement Tag

There is an email replacement tag for Custom Ticket Numbers so you can easily send out communications to ticket holders that include their custom ticket number. 

The Custom Ticket Number Replacement Tag is %TICKET_NUMBER%, and it is available for emails sent to Ticket Purchasers

Note: This replacement tag will not be available if you have not enabled Ticket Number assignment.

For more information on using replacement tags in your Ticket Event emails, review our Email Replacement Tags help guide here

Ticket Number Reports

The assigned Ticket Numbers will also display in your Individual Ticket Report and the Ticket Purchase Details. 

Individual Tickets Report

By default, Ticket Numbers will not show in the Individual Tickets Report (under Reports >> Individual Tickets). To show the Ticket Numbers column, click the gray Edit Columns button: 

Then, check the Ticket Number checkbox, and click Apply Changes

The Ticket Number column will display in the second column from the left (to the right of the IDs column):

Ticket Purchase Details

The Ticket Numbers for each ticket will show in the Ticket Purchase Details table. To navigate to the purchase details the blue Manage button in the ID(s) column in either the Ticket Purchases report (Reports >> Ticket Purchases) or Individual Tickets report (Reports >> Individual Tickets):

The Ticket Number column will display in the second column from the left (to the right of the Ticket ID column):

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