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Modified on 12 June

You can grow your email marketing lists for free with TicketSignup's Email Capture Popup. This customizable Email Capture Popup is fully integrated with TicketSignup's Email Marketing so that you can easily include your new contacts on event emails, newsletters, and more. 

Enable the Popup

To enable the Enable Capture popup to your event website, go to Email >> Email Capture and turn on the Enable Popup Form? toggle: 

Note: For best practices when using this form click the "Get Educated! Read Out Best Practices" dropdown: 

Set Up Your Popup Form

Once you turn on the toggle to enable the form, you will be able to customize it. This form will always collect the First Name, Last Name, and Email Address of those who fill it out. 

The default text/settings will autofill when the toggle is first turned on: 

On the right-hand side, you can see an example display of the popup which will reflect the text input for the Title, Description, and Call to Action Button Text. This example will automatically update when you change this text. 

In addition to the text on the popup, you can view/adjust the popup settings below: 

Email List

We create a custom contact list for all of the Email Capture contacts. 

Popup Type

You can select to display the Email Capture on your website as a pop up message or as a slide in message in the bottom left of the website: 

When to Display Popup

You have 2 options for when to display the popup: 

  1. After a custom number of seconds: The popup will display after the user has been on the page for a specified number of seconds. You can input your preferred number seconds in the field or leave it at the default of 10 seconds. Note: If you set this to 0 seconds, the popup will display immediately after the page is loaded. 
  2. Before Page Abandonment: The popup will be displayed when the user moves the mouse toward the exit button of the browser. Note: This option will not display on touch devices.

View Email Capture Contacts

Once supporters input their information into the email capture form, this information will automatically be added to the Default Email Capture Signups list: 

Note: Your email capture list will be treated as any custom email list, but the list will continue updating with new contacts as more supporters fill out the popup form.

You can view this list of contacts under Email >> Custom Lists:

Click the edit icon on the right-hand side of the list to view the contacts that have been added to the list via the capture form, and search for specific contacts using the gray Search dropdown:

As with any other custom list, you can take action on this list in the following ways: 

  • Edit or delete contacts within this list by clicking the edit or trashcan icon on the right-hand side of the contact. 
  • Add contact to this list by clicking the blue +Add New Contacts button.
  • Export this list using the blue export links in the bottom-right corner. 

Email Your Email Capture Contacts

You can send an email to your email capture contacts using either of the options below:

Select List as Email Recipient

When sending an email under Email >> Send Email, you can include the email capture list when selecting your recipients. 

To do so click the gray Select Recipients button in the To section:

Then, select Include for your Default Email Capture Signups and click Save:

Custom Lists Page

When you navigate to Email >> Custom Lists, you can click the mail icon on the right-hand side of the Default Email Capture Signups list to be directed to the Send an Email page with this custom list automatically selected as the recipient:

For more information on managing this custom list, view our custom email lists help guide here

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