Ticket Calendar in the Website Builder

Modified on 08 February

You can add a Ticket Calendar to your event website when you have enabled Advanced Tickets. The calendar will display ticket group dates. 

Set Ticket Group Dates

To set or edit your Ticket Group dates, navigate to Tickets >> Ticket Groups, click the Actions dropdown on the right hand side of the ticket group and select Edit Ticket Group

Turn on the Enable start and end dates for this ticket group toggle and set the Start Time and End Time: 

Note: This is NOT the start and end time for ticket purchases, but rather the event date/time for the ticket group.

Once you are finished adding the dates, click Save. Note: You will need to do this for each ticket group individually.

When you are finished setting the ticket group dates, you can add your Ticket Calendar to your website.

Add Ticket Calendar

To add a Ticket Calendar to your ticket event website, navigate to Website >> Website Builder. You can add this component on an existing page or a new page by clicking the button in the Navigation on the right-hand side of the Website Builder:

Once you are in the page that you want, click the + Add Section button to add a section to the page:

Note: The Ticket Calendar component can be used in both the Single Column and Two Column sections.

Next, click the button to add a component, and click the Ticket Calendar component:

Note: For more information on adding additional pages and sections or using the various components, see our Ticket Event Website Builder help guide here. 

Once you have added the component into your website, the Ticket Calendar will be ready to be saved on the website. 

If you are using a Two Column section for the calendar, you can change the background color for the section to display behind the calendar by clicking the settings icon in the top right corner of the calendar section: 

When you are finished adding the Ticket Calendar, click the Save button to save the Website Builder. 

By default, the calendar will display the first month of your ticket group dates, and you can scroll through the months by clicking the arrows in top left and right corners of the calendar: 

The ticket group dates will be highlighted for supporters to purchase tickets from that ticket group. Note: If there is a ticket group that does not have dates set, this ticket group will show when any of the dates are clicked in addition to the ticket groups for those dates.

To adjust the ticket calendar dates, you will need to adjust the ticket group dates under Tickets >> Ticket Groups by clicking the Actions dropdown on the right hand side of the ticket group and selecting Edit Ticket Group

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