Event List for Ticket Websites

Modified on 06 March

The Event List component in the Ticket Website Builder allows you to feature upcoming and past events with flexible layouts and rules to determine which events show/do not show. This is an easy way to cross-promote your events across all of your ticket event websites. The calendar updates in real-time as new events are created and events are moved from upcoming to past events, so your content is always up to date.

To add the Event List component to your ticket event website, navigate to Website >> Website Builder. Click into an existing page or click the + button in the Navigation, on the right-hand side of the Website Builder, and select Add New Page:

Once you are on the page, click + Add Section and select Single Column. 

Note: The Event List component cannot be used in a Two Column section. 

Next, click the sign in the content section to add a Website Builder component:

Select Event List from the component options: 

The Event List only includes the event that you are currently on. Click Edit Settings to view/edit the Event List Settings

You can customize it to show/hide different event types, select the layout style, and choose to include/exclude additional events:

Event Types

You can select if you would like the Event List to show only races, only ticket events, or both by checking/unchecking the corresponding boxes. 

Note: These settings will override any Race/Ticket Event, Partner and/or Timer IDs that you have input to include in your Event List.

Event Layout Style

You can select for the events to be shown in a List Layout or a Grid Layout. 

In a List Layout Style, the events will display in dated order from top to bottom, with the earliest events displaying at the top of the Upcoming Events list, and the most recent past events displaying at the top of the Past Events list:

In the Grid Layout Style, the event tiles will display in dated order from left to right, with the earliest events starting at the left-hand side of the Upcoming Events list, and the most recent past events starting at the left-hand side of the Past Events list:

Note: Events listed in the Grid Layout will not be separated by the month and year that the event takes place, as they do in a List Style Layout.

Include/Exclude Event Options

Type in the Race, Ticket Event, and/or Partner IDs to include/exclude in your Event List. For example, if you would like to show all of the ticket events and races under a specific partner account, you can enter the partner ID in the "Include Partner IDs" text box. If there is a specific ticket event or race under the  partner account that you would like to hide from this list, you can input that Race ID or Ticket Event ID in the "Exclude Race IDs" or "Exclude Ticket IDs" text box. 

If you would like to input multiple IDs in the same field, be sure to list the IDs separated by commas.

Note: All of these IDs can be found at the end of the URL in the corresponding dashboards. For example, this Ticket Event ID would be "2426":

Once you are finished setting up your Event List in the Website Builder, click the Save button and you will be able to view this Event List on your ticket event website.

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