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Modified on 03 May

TicketSignup’s free photo platform enables your event to create unlimited albums to host photos on your free ticket event website.

Upload Photos

You can add photo albums to your Ticket Event website by navigating to Photos >> Upload Photos.

If you haven’t already created a photo album, you’ll be prompted to add one. You are able to create as many albums as you would like to organize your photos. That means you could have a single album for the overall event, name albums by different locations or days of the event, or add an album for each different part of the event.

You’ll then be prompted to upload your photos. You can add one or many images at one time. Note that photo files should be JPG, PNG, and/or GIF. You can drag and drop photos one-by-one or click upload to find a photo or folder of photos. In the screenshot below, I uploaded a folder with 8 photos.

Click Upload All to process and upload the photos. Click the success message to view your uploaded photos. From there you can easily remove images from the album.

Add Photos to Your Event Website

To display these photos on your website, navigate to Website >> Website Builder. You can add the photos component to an existing website page or add a new page, which display as a new menu tab on your website:

To add a new page to your website, click the + button in the Navigation on the right hand side of the website builder, and select Add New Page

Once you have selected/created the page where you would like to display your photos, click +Add Section button within the page to add a new section. The photos component requires a Single Column section: 

Next, click the button within that section to add a component, and select the Photos component: 

Click the Save button in the Website Builder to save the photos to your website.

For more information on using the Website Builder, view our help guide here

This will automatically pull the photo albums you created under Photos >> Upload Photos, and add them to your website: 

When visitors click into an album, they are given options to download and share photos on social media:

You can also click any image to view a full screen image, and navigate through the album.

You can return to Photos >> Upload Photos in your Event Dashboard to add more photos to an existing album, or create additional albums. New albums will also display on your website.

You can better highlight your photos by adding a Cover Page and creating buttons that go directly to albums.

For more information on creating a cover page, view our Cover Pages help guide here

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