Purchaser/ Ticketholder Information Collection

Modified on 12 February

Information Collection

You can choose what information to collect from ticket purchasers. This setting is found in the Event Dashboard under Tickets >> Information Collection.

Note: When Advanced Tickets are enabled, the Information Collection settings are set at the ticket group level (instead of the ticket level).

We require first name, last name, and email address from the ticket purchaser. You can choose to not show, show (and make optional), or require other fields as needed:

Note: Setting the Password field as required means that an account will be generated. However, most events don't need to require passwords. Registrants are always able to go back to the event website and resend their tickets with the purchaser email, if needed.

You may also want to collect information from each ticket holder. For example, if someone buys four tickets for four people, you require them to fill out information for each person. To do this, turn on the Individual Ticket Information toggle and select the information you would like to show/require:

Individual Ticket Information collection could be used for a conference, for example, or another event in which it is essential that you collect information, such as names, emails, or phone numbers, for every attendee. In addition, this could be useful if you are holding an event for which you need to know which attendees are minors or under the age of 21. 

Note: If any of the ticket holders are minors, purchasers can check the This person is a minor box, and all fields except first name, last name, and age will not be collected (even if they are marked as required in the Event Dashboard):

The Information Collection settings can be changed at any time.

If purchasers have already purchased tickets before the Information Collection settings are changed, different information may show in your reports.

For example, if you require Individual Ticket Information and purchasers buy tickets, then you decide to stop requiring Individual Ticket Information and additional purchasers buy tickets after that, the reports may show different information for the ticket holders:

In this example of the Individual Tickets report (which can be found under Reports >> Individual Tickets), when Captain Crunch's ticket was purchased this event director may have required name, email, phone number, and date of birth for the individual ticket holders. 

However, when the top ticket (Ticket: 1106) was purchased, the Individual Ticket Information collection may have been turned off or not required. The columns will still show for the Individual Ticket Information, but there will not be any data in those fields. 

Once you are finished with the Information Collection settings for that ticket level or ticket group, be sure to click the Save button at the bottom of the page. 

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