Design a Cover Page for your Event Website

Modified on 25 February

Cover pages are easy-to-use, point-and-click templates that allow you to create a beautiful, professional landing page for your ticket event. 

To set up your cover page for a ticket event, navigate to Website>>Cover Page in your event dashboard.

When you first enable your cover page on the dashboard, it will not have any content. You can click the “+” buttons to add content to the Header or start adding multiple content sections:

Header Banner

The header can contain a background color or image. You can also add header text, a description, and action buttons. 

The button has multiple predefined actions, including the ability to add a custom URL. The actions include Ticket Event Info, Donate, and Registration. 

The image can have overlay colors that allow your header text to appear more clearly. These can be activated with the toggle buttons:

The colors are pulled from your event website theme colors so that everything matches perfectly. You can change these colors by going to Website >> Event Theme.

When you upload an image, there is an option to display the image without cropping to prevent the image from getting cut off on smaller screens:

You can add multiple header sections with different images and text, and those will appear as a slider, allowing you to have multiple images, buttons, headlines, or text descriptions in the header.


When you click the + button in the Content section of this page, you will see a list of content options to add to your Cover Page:

You can add as many content sections as you like, and they can be either Full Width or Two Columns. The full width ones will be reduced to half width in mobile-responsible mode, meaning that everything stacks elegantly.

Your options in the Content section are similar to the Header Banner options. You have the ability to add a title, description, background image, and actions buttons.


The Countdown Clock data-driven component allows you to display the amount of time left until your event:

Custom Actions

You can create multiple action buttons for common functions on your event page or links to your own custom actions:


You can add video sections by inputting a YouTube ID:


This option allows you to add a title, a background, and a data component. The data options include Social Media, Event Tiles, a Donation Goal Thermometer, or a Ticket Calendar:

The Social Media data type will display clickable icons for Facebook, Twitter, Email, and Text. Clicking these icons will allow attendees/supports to share the event on social media or via email/text:

The customizable text and images to share through social media or via email can be adjusted under Promotions >> Social Sharing.

The Event Tiles will display each ticket with simple tickets set up or each ticket group when Advanced Tickets is enabled (Tickets >> Advanced Tickets):

The Donation Goal Thermometer will display how much has been raised out of your donation goal, which can by set under Donations >> Donations Setup >> Display Settings:

Note: If you did not turn on donations or input a donation goal, this component will appear as money raised of $0 and the progress bar will not show. 

The Ticket Calendar will display a calendar view to select ticket dates for multi-day events. Attendees can click into a day, and it will direct them to the tickets available for that day:

Note: If Advanced Tickets are not enabled, no data will show for this content section.


You add images that will display inline in your column. This option allows you to display the image without cropping the edges. 

By default, the image will be stretched to fit the column size, unless you turn on the toggle to maintain the image's original size. If this is turned on and the image is not the correct size for the column, a solid background will fill in the gaps:

You can also add an image link that will be embedded in the image on your cover page. When this image section is clicked, it will redirect you the website/page that you linked. 

You can view your cover page at any time by clicking View Website in the upper righthand corner of your event dashboard:

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