Set Tax Deductible Amounts for Tickets

Modified on 11 February

You can define the dollar amount of your nonprofit ticket event that is NOT tax deductible, so that your supporters can write off the tax deductible portion of their ticket purchase. 

In your Ticket Event Dashboard, go to Event >> Purchase Settings >> Tax Deduction Settings

First, confirm that your nonprofit's tax deduction information, including your address and EIN, is correct. If there is no information here or if the information is not correct, you will have to enter your nonprofit's tax deduction information by clicking on Donation Tax Deductible Info Setup.

This information will appear in the ticket purchase confirmation email, allowing your attendees to claim a tax deduction.

NOTEYou must confirm and/or enter the tax deductible information on this page in order for your ticket holders to receive receipts to use for tax deductions.

At the bottom of the page, enter the non-tax deductible amounts for each of your ticket groups:

This is the dollar amount that your ticket holders are not able to claim as tax deductible. In other words, it is the true cost (to the nonprofit) of the ticket. For example, the cost of the meal and experience at a charity gala might be $75 for a $300 ticket. The rest of the money ($225) from that purchase is treated as a donation to the nonprofit, and is therefore tax deductible.

Confirmation Email

These amounts will be reflected in the confirmation email (receipt) that your ticket holders will receive. It will show the total tax deductible amount for your purchase, as well as your nonprofit's tax information, in the Tax Deductible Information portion of the confirmation email

Sales Tax

Please note that in cases where sales tax is applicable to your ticket event, sales tax will be applied to the full amount of the ticket purchase and will not exclude the tax deductible amount. 

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