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Modified on 31 May

What does the Facebook Pixel do?

We have added the capability to track the Facebook Ad tracking pixel. Adding the Facebook Pixel from your Facebook page to your event website allows you to track conversions (in this case, ticket purchases) from your Facebook ad campaigns. When someone views your Facebook ad and then takes an action on your website, like buying an event ticket, the Facebook Pixel records the action and reports it, so you can understand your return on investment in Facebook ads. The Pixel also "remembers" people who took action on your website before, so they become part of your ads' target audience in the future. 

The RunSignup/GiveSignup Facebook Pixel integration has been expanded to trigger when a standalone donation is made. This update helps nonprofits better track the effectiveness of ads in terms of registration vs. donation transactions.

You do not need to do anything to update your current Facebook Pixel set up. You will now have reporting in your Facebook ad reports for standalone donations made on any RunSignup/GiveSignup website with the Facebook Pixel integration.

Creating your Facebook Pixel

If you are running Facebook ad campaigns to advertise your ticket event, you should use Facebook Pixel. The first step is to create a Pixel in Facebook. 

Note: To follow these steps, you must already have a Facebook Ads account

From your Facebook homepage, click the arrow in the top right corner:

Below the list of your pages, you will see the following options. Click Manage Ads.

This will bring you to the Ad Accounts screen. Choose the Ad Account you would like to use by clicking on its name. 

Now you will be on the Ads Manager screen, which shows the ad campaigns associated with your account and their statistics. In the upper left corner, next to the Facebook icon, click the hamburger (three lines) icon:

This will display a large menu. Under Events Manager, locate Pixels

On the next screen, select Create a Pixel.

Name your Pixel and enter your event website's URL, then click Create

Facebook will create your pixel and bring you to this screen:

Select the second option, Manually Install Pixel Code Yourself. Open your Event Dashboard in another tab.

Installing your Pixel in GiveSignup

Go to Event Dashboard>> Promotion>>Facebook Pixel. At the top of the page is an example of the Facebook Pixel code. In the example, some of the code is highlighted in bold:

All you need to do is locate one of these two items in your real Facebook Pixel. Go back to your Facebook tab and scroll to Step 2 (your Pixel code). Copy either the init or id code (just the numbers) to your clipboard. 

Now go back to the event dashboard and copy the value into the empty field for init/id values:

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